Its Official, Vorzug is recording again.

The drum tracking has already been completed. The guitars go in to Sound Vision and record within the next few weeks. I already have the drum tracking and I’m in the process of writing/recording my parts. Its 8 songs in all.

I like how the writing is going so far. Sergio’s songs have a black metal vibe and Jayre’s has more of a death metal feel. Daniel did a nice job on his drum parts as well. Its been a few years since I’ve done a metal recording (Vorzug and Ex-Angel in 2017) so that recording studio I have will get put to good use again.

I will post more updates on Vorzug’s progress when we git er done..

The Day of the Beast

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I now give to you, my debut as an ACTOR?

I had an amazingly fun time with the band, cast and crew filming this last March.
Huge thanks to Steve Harris​ for thinking of me when casting this. And to The Day of the Beast.

Blade Braxton​ You left a huge impression on me the one day we had together during filming.
RIP brother… This one’s for you..

Upcoming recording projects

Vorzug is working with Sound Vision again.
The band booked the time and starts recording at the end of this August. Looks like its gonna be five or six songs. I’ll be tracking from the comforts of home here at Leathernail Recording.
AND for the meanwhile…
I’ll be tracking bass for 2 songs to be included on the next BRC cd. I’m not gonna say what songs I’m gonna play until I get the tracking done. That will happen by the end of July.

It’s great to have a studio at home for this.

Buffalo Rock City release date announced

Today’s the day we “officially” announce the release of “Buffalo Rock City – Western New York’s Tribute To KISS.” Coming December 15, 2020

I’m honored to be on this recording. All the proceeds will go to The Compass House Shelter & Resource Center for Runaway and Homeless Youth in my hometown of Buffalo NY. I’m playing two songs on the recording: I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire) and I’ll announce the other song I play on December 15th.

Feel free to check out the official press releases below.

Leighton Media * Music Services * Motivation

We would like to first announce all of the local Western New York talent, appearing on the album. Starting with KISS This WNY, the album features John Jeffrey, Kevin Blakita, Taylor Stursa & Julius Giambelluca. The only other “band” to appear on a track on the record is the one and only DoDriver, featuring Jody Velletta, Michael Trabucco, Chris Elardo & Mark Conlon. Appearing on the record under the “Various Artists” tracks are: Shawn Przybylak (drums), Brad Peace (bass), Nat Peace (vocals), Gene Schmidt (guitars), Jane Evile (vocals), Casey Moyer (vocals), George Tommy Barnes (acoustic guitar), Rock Rollain (bass), Bradley Heath (drums), Stephen Mattucci (guitar), Joseph Teresi (guitar), Jay Palermo (keys) & Tony Chimera (percussion).

Again, contributions to the collaboration album were also made by National/World-wide recording artists, Robby Takac (vocals), Tommy Henriksen (vocals/bass), Tommy Denander (guitar), Deen Castronovo(vocals), Bumblefoot(guitar), Philip Shouse (bass/guitar), Jeremy Asbrock(guitar), Ryan Spencer Cook (vocals) & Mitch Weissman (vocals). These “celebrity guests” have toured and recorded with Asia, Ace Frehley, Alice Cooper, DORO, ACCEPT, Gene Simmons, Guns N’ Roses, Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, The Hollywood Vampires, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Jackson, Toto, The Dead Daisies, Paul Stanley, and Beatlemania.“Buffalo Rock City” tracks:”Black Diamond” (Bumblefoot & Deen Castronovo)”Detroit Rock City” (KISS THIS!)”Hard Luck Woman” (Robby Takac)”New York Groove 78/80″ (Tommy Henriksen & Tommy Denander)”Dirty Livin'” (Ryan Spencer Cook & Philip Shouse)”Hard Times” (Philip Shouse)”I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire)” (Various artists)”Back on the Streets” (Various artists)”Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away” (Various artists)”Jungle” (DoDriver)”It’s My Life” (Jeremy Asbrock)”Freak” (Various artists)*bonus collector’s track* “While the City City Sleeps” (Mitch Weissman)

It would be remiss not mention that album was mastered by KISS studio legend Jay Messina. Messina has been working with KISS since 1976, engineering and mixing the band’s breakout album “Destroyer.” He also engineered and mixed 1979’s “Dynasty” and co-mixed the next album, “Unmasked” (1980).

Keeping with the tradition of great KISS album covers, comic artist Kevin Conrad did the pencils and inks for the front cover of “Buffalo Rock City.” A life-long KISS fan, Kevin’s known for his work with Todd McFarlane, who hired him to ink all 31 issues of his “KISS – Psycho Circus” comic book series. The cover art depicts KISS THIS! wearing their favorite era costumes for the KISS member they personify. The band is poised in the iconic KISS “Destroyer” poses in front of Buffalo’s City Hall.

Please don’t forget that the record’s proceeds are geared to help the Compass House foundation, a charitable organization which helps the homeless youth in Buffalo, New York. Located directly in Buffalo, NY, its mission is to provide runaway, homeless and street youth with safe shelter and services, in an environment that supports dignity, respect and self-reliance.

The album will be available for physical CD release and digital downloads, which is available for pre-order at:

“Buffalo Rock City” drops on December 15, 2020

33RPM June 28th and 29th in Ocean City Maryland

It’s a busy weekend for the band with a gig on Friday and two gigs on Saturday. It’s almost like were on an actual tour. Haha.

First off Beach Barrels on Friday. It’s been a couple of months since we played there. So we are looking forward to returning. It’s that local bar we love.

Now on Saturday we will debut at The Jungle Bar 4pm to 7pm.

I’ve been told it’s a really cool place so I’m looking forward to playing outside near the water.

And we finish off the night at Bourbon Street at 8pm to 11pm. And I tell ya Barry will take care of you. He delivered a baby at the bar a couple weeks ago So…..We call him The Doctor now. And we are gonna call out The Doctor to play a couple of songs with us.

33RPM June 8th at BJs on the Water

Just announced, and less than 2 weeks away. We ain’t played there since last September so this is looking to be a fun night. We will prolly have a couple of new songs for everybody and who knows what else.

Video courtesy of Nancy Sinatra.

See ya at the beach.

33RPM June 7th at Players

Summer is right around the corner and no better time for a gig at Players.

The band has been here many a times and do we ever get sick of Players?


As usual , we may have a few guest musicians onstage with us. You just never know who that will be.

And June 7th is one very special day in music history. Can you believe

Dean Martin, Tom Jones and Prince all have the same birthday?

It all kind of makes sense now.

3 videos to follow.

33RPM May 4th at The Green Turtle

May 4th is my favorite day to have a gig. Wanna know why? My first gig ever was on May 4 1988 at the River Rock Cafe in Buffalo New York with the band Phantom. Anybody out there remember that group?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 31 years since that day. I’ll be playing the same Squier bass that I played on that night way back in 88.

And another reason to like the day is because it’s the bands debut at the Original Green Turtle in Ocean City!

May the fourth be with you.