The Day of the Beast

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I now give to you, my debut as an ACTOR?

I had an amazingly fun time with the band, cast and crew filming this last March.
Huge thanks to Steve Harris​ for thinking of me when casting this. And to The Day of the Beast.

Blade Braxton​ You left a huge impression on me the one day we had together during filming.
RIP brother… This one’s for you..

33RPM June 28th and 29th in Ocean City Maryland

It’s a busy weekend for the band with a gig on Friday and two gigs on Saturday. It’s almost like were on an actual tour. Haha.

First off Beach Barrels on Friday. It’s been a couple of months since we played there. So we are looking forward to returning. It’s that local bar we love.

Now on Saturday we will debut at The Jungle Bar 4pm to 7pm.

I’ve been told it’s a really cool place so I’m looking forward to playing outside near the water.

And we finish off the night at Bourbon Street at 8pm to 11pm. And I tell ya Barry will take care of you. He delivered a baby at the bar a couple weeks ago So…..We call him The Doctor now. And we are gonna call out The Doctor to play a couple of songs with us.

33RPM June 8th at BJs on the Water

Just announced, and less than 2 weeks away. We ain’t played there since last September so this is looking to be a fun night. We will prolly have a couple of new songs for everybody and who knows what else.

Video courtesy of Nancy Sinatra.

See ya at the beach.

33RPM June 7th at Players

Summer is right around the corner and no better time for a gig at Players.

The band has been here many a times and do we ever get sick of Players?


As usual , we may have a few guest musicians onstage with us. You just never know who that will be.

And June 7th is one very special day in music history. Can you believe

Dean Martin, Tom Jones and Prince all have the same birthday?

It all kind of makes sense now.

3 videos to follow.

33RPM May 4th at The Green Turtle

May 4th is my favorite day to have a gig. Wanna know why? My first gig ever was on May 4 1988 at the River Rock Cafe in Buffalo New York with the band Phantom. Anybody out there remember that group?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 31 years since that day. I’ll be playing the same Squier bass that I played on that night way back in 88.

And another reason to like the day is because it’s the bands debut at the Original Green Turtle in Ocean City!

May the fourth be with you.

33RPM May 3rd at Woodstock Inn

It’s been a while since we rocked out at the Woodstock Inn. It will be a pleasure to be back there. Hopefully the locals missed us and we’ll have a strong showing. The band always does well at the place by the railroad tracks.

Were gonna play some James Brown.

33RPM April 27th at Bourbon Street on the Beach

After about a Month off we will be officially kicking of the Ocean City beach season at Bourbon Street. You’ll be seeing alot of the band out here the next couple of months. We got some great summer fun ahead. And a whole lot of surprises..

And since I’m a huge kiss fan I have to mention…

Ace Frehleys birthday is today April 27th.

I’ll be raising a glass to toast him.

33RPM March 23rd at Bourbon Street on the Beach

First time this year over at Bourbon Street. It’s always good to hang out with Barry and crew. The band has a bunch of new songs to play. And as usual. I’ll be having a Barry Burrito.

And its Rick Ocaseks birthday March 23. A good excuse to have a drink or two. Who knows….maybe the band will grow a keyboard player and cover a Cars song.

Wouldn’t that be something??