Its Official, Vorzug is recording again.

The drum tracking has already been completed. The guitars go in to Sound Vision and record within the next few weeks. I already have the drum tracking and I’m in the process of writing/recording my parts. Its 8 songs in all.

I like how the writing is going so far. Sergio’s songs have a black metal vibe and Jayre’s has more of a death metal feel. Daniel did a nice job on his drum parts as well. Its been a few years since I’ve done a metal recording (Vorzug and Ex-Angel in 2017) so that recording studio I have will get put to good use again.

I will post more updates on Vorzug’s progress when we git er done..

Upcoming recording projects

Vorzug is working with Sound Vision again.
The band booked the time and starts recording at the end of this August. Looks like its gonna be five or six songs. I’ll be tracking from the comforts of home here at Leathernail Recording.
AND for the meanwhile…
I’ll be tracking bass for 2 songs to be included on the next BRC cd. I’m not gonna say what songs I’m gonna play until I get the tracking done. That will happen by the end of July.

It’s great to have a studio at home for this.